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show-off / рисовка, позерство, стремление произвести эффект
имя существительное
panache, dash, show-off
peacockery, show-off
стремление произвести эффект
имя существительное
a person who acts pretentiously or who publicly parades themselves, their possessions, or their accomplishments.
My arts degree days were essentially high school with more complicated essay questions, featuring the usual parade of show-offs and kiss-asses, vain and lazy professors, and some good people too.
I'd be the dad that clowns quite a lot and shows off to the kids and makes them laugh because I can be a show-off .
he's a real show-off
Some reviewers have recoiled in horror from the film, denouncing von Trier as a misogynist, a fake, a show-off , an incompetent director, and worse.
After so many years of cynicism, we are ready to declare our own brilliance once more, but this time with a microscope, picking out every last detail, rather than concentrating on the show-offs shouting in the middle.
Zurenborg, in the suburb of Berchem, is dizzying, a housing area built for 19 th-century show-offs in an insane blend of styles - neo-classical, neo-Renaissance and Art Nouveau.
Let's show the world that we can be lucid and enthusiastic explainers of recondite ideas, not merely the flamboyant show-offs that unfair stereotypes so often paint us to be.
A lot of comedians are insecure show-offs , and not particularly funny.
Potential contestants have to be extrovert without being annoying, pushy show-offs .
I think a lot of us are insecure little show-offs .
A certain group of executive show-offs are beginning to smoke cigars outside in a little alcove all of their own.