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show / шоу, показ, выставка
имя существительное
show, display, showing, presentation, run, exhibition
exhibition, show, fair, exposition, display, exposure
show, indicate, display, reveal, exhibit, present
show, manifest, exercise, display, demonstrate, develop
demonstrate, show, display, showcase
имя прилагательное
exhibition, show
имя существительное
a spectacle or display of something, typically an impressive one.
spectacular shows of bluebells
a public entertainment, in particular.
an outward appearance or display of a quality or feeling.
Joanie was frightened of any show of affection
a discharge of blood and mucus from the vagina at the onset of labor or menstruation.
How long after having a show did you do into labour?
be or allow or cause to be visible.
wrinkles were starting to show on her face
display or allow to be perceived (a quality, emotion, or characteristic).
it was Frank's turn to show his frustration
demonstrate or prove.
experts say this shows the benefit of regular inspections
the polls show growing support for the party
the teacher will show you how to do it
the evening show is at nine
he tried not to let his relief show
The big distributors are only after money and to do this they have to show American films.
he's doing a solo show
she wished he would show some emotion
Highlights also included majorettes, a steel band, a fun dog show and a tug-of-war competition.
He fondly recalls his first foray into musicals being a show about a snowman in which he had to throw pieces of paper as pretend snow.
The students recorded an hour-long show for the radio station from their school.