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shovel / лопата, совок, экскаватор
имя существительное
shovel, spade
scoop, shovel, trowel, peel
excavator, digger, shovel, dredge, power shovel, dredger
shovel, rake, rake up, scoop up, bank, shovel in
shovel, rake out
имя существительное
a tool with a broad flat blade and typically upturned sides, used for moving coal, earth, snow or other material.
Hand tools such as spades, shovels , sickles etc, which currently attract a 16 per cent excise duty will also be fully exempt.
move (coal, earth, snow, or similar material) with a shovel.
she shoveled coal on the fire
Canmore town council approved first and second readings for a bylaw that will require Canmorites to shovel their sidewalks within 48 hours of snow falling.
We will find work for you all, and please if you can bring a spade or shovel , brush or knife to work with.
I like how all the grandmas from within flirt with me when I shovel the sidewalk.
She went out and helped the boys shovel snow out of the drive and part of the street.
The city's snow - clearing trucks were slow off the mark, leaving angry shopkeepers to shovel their pavements.
Marcus opened up a bin of coal and began to shovel the black substance into the top of the blast furnace.
At five Christine got up to go out and shovel the walk.
Two workmen and a mechanical shovel would sort out the whole sorry mess in one weekend at a tiny fraction of the stupid price they are talking about for a bridge.
I understand that you think you're doing the right thing when you shovel the sidewalks outside your houses.
Since he cannot shovel snow because of his heart condition she ‘struggles to do this’.