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shot / выстрел, удар, кадр
имя существительное
shot, round, discharge, report, pop, snapshot
hit, impact, blow, strike, shock, shot
frame, shot, still, cadre
имя прилагательное
iridescent, chatoyant, shot
threadbare, battered, frazzled, decrepit, outworn, shot
shabby, battered, seedy, old, shot, elder
заряжать ружье
подвешивать дробинки
имя существительное
the firing of a gun or cannon.
he brought down a caribou with a single shot to the neck
a hit, stroke, or kick of the ball in sports such as basketball, tennis, or golf.
his partner pulled off a winning backhand shot
a ball of stone or metal used as a missile fired from a large gun or cannon.
They were made of wrought iron strips bound together with hoops and fired stone shot .
a photograph.
she took a shot of me holding a lamp near my face
a small drink, especially of distilled liquor.
he took a shot of whiskey
имя прилагательное
(of colored cloth) woven with a warp and weft of different colors, giving a contrasting iridescent effect when looked at from different angles.
a dress of shot silk
ruined or worn out.
a completely shot engine will put you out of the race
Right before you get ready to throw the shot , take a deep breath in and let it out.
he took a shot that the goalie stopped
If the Supreme Court pulls the plug it will be tough, but you have some time and you actually have a shot at this.
Therefore in one moment the commandos may eliminate an enemy guard without firing a single shot .
Despite their losses, Brower still thinks his team will have a shot at a repeat title.
Then on 65 minutes, Kinsella scored another with an excellent shot from outside the box.
If everything went well on this job, it could all be over and he might even have a shot at a normal life again.
They were made of wrought iron strips bound together with hoops and fired stone shot .
This is the kind of seat Democrats must win if they are to have a shot at regaining control of the House.
You can choose to have a pint of Guinness or a shot of whiskey in one of Dublin's many pubs!