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shortlist / короткий список
окончательный список
final list, short list
имя существительное
a list of selected candidates from which a final choice is made.
a short list of four companies
put (someone or something) on a short list.
the novel was short-listed for the Booker Prize
For the sixth year running there were no female comics on the final shortlist .
The shortlist of candidates is understood to be made up exclusively of current Bank of Ireland executives.
A shortlist of the best candidates is prepared and sent to the client.
All entries must be received by the end of August when a shortlist of 30 candidates will be drawn up.
They had a shortlist of candidates and flew to New York and London to interview them.
The panel will also help draft the selection criteria from which a shortlist of candidates will be chosen.
From the six proposals on the shortlist we select four to go into production.
a shortlist of four companies
On a final shortlist of eight sites is South Killingholme on the Humber.
Redman Design was selected from a shortlist of six bidders from across the UK for the contract.