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shortfall / дефицит, недостача
имя существительное
deficit, deficiency, shortage, scarcity, shortfall, gap
shortfall, deficit
имя существительное
a deficit of something required or expected.
they are facing an expected $10 billion shortfall in revenue
We have now been told by our insurer that a shortfall is likely and we were not warned at the outset.
Among the problems he correctly identifies is the shortfall in qualified staff in the NHS.
they are facing an expected $10 billion shortfall in revenue
They said another factor contributing to the patient pile-up is a staff shortfall .
I am not worried on a personal level but I do think that there will be a huge shortfall throughout the country.
The city centre manager told us it was all to do with a staff shortfall .
You could keep the policy going and look at other alternatives to repay the remaining shortfall .
I have been warned to expect a significant shortfall on my mortgage endowment.
If your investment performs badly you could face a shortfall at the end of the mortgage term.
If you have a problem in making up the extra cash needed to cover the possible shortfall , don't just do nothing.