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shortcut / кратчайший путь, кратчайшее расстояние, наиболее рациональный способ
имя существительное
кратчайший путь
shortcut, byway, beeline, cut, crosscut, byroad
кратчайшее расстояние
shortcut, beeline
наиболее рациональный способ
имя прилагательное
abbreviated, shortcut, contracted, concise, clipped, nick
shortened, abbreviated, shortcut
мелко накрошенный
имя существительное
a shorter alternative route.
teaching no longer offered a shortcut to secure employment
the promise of a shortcut to optimum health and fitness is a tantalizing one
they were taking a shortcut to town
Instead of selecting the Get Info option from the menu bar, you can also use the Command-I keyboard short cut .
The update for the text abbreviation expansion utility added the ability to customize the application's keyboard shortcuts .
In the past few years, search engines have been adding a variety of shortcuts direct from their search boxes.