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shortcake / песочное печенье, слоеный торт с фруктовой начинкой
имя существительное
песочное печенье
shortbread, shortcake
слоеный торт с фруктовой начинкой
имя существительное
a small cake made of biscuit dough and typically served with fruit and whipped cream as a dessert.
a dessert made from shortcake topped with fruit, typically strawberries, and whipped cream.
Make strawberry shortcake with real whipped cream.
Despite the excellence of well-made strawberry jam and such confections as strawberry shortcake , no one would deny that this fruit is most delicious when eaten fresh.
I made some lasagna and I think my husband promised to bring home some strawberry shortcake for dessert.
They can be eaten plain, dipped in sugar, made into shortcake , dipped in chocolate, tossed in salads and served with yogurt.
Strawberry shortcake is a classic, of course, but strawberries are also a delicious topping for shortbread, lemon or sugar cookies and butter cake.
Helene Bushey and Denise collaborate on strawberry shortcake and chocolate brownies for dessert.
I ordered the Tiramisu and the strawberry shortcake and the raspberry cheesecake.
I know it's a bad habit, eating sweets in he morning, but strawberry shortcake is my favorite food.
I could go for some strawberry shortcake right now.
When I brought him the pancakes he wanted a bagel and when I gave him the bagel, he was in the mood for strawberry shortcake .
I got up and walked into the kitchen, bringing out a strawberry shortcake I made for desert.