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shortage / нехватка, дефицит, недостаток
имя существительное
shortage, scarcity, deficiency, deficit, dearth, need
deficit, deficiency, shortage, scarcity, shortfall, gap
lack, drawback, flaw, deficiency, shortage, shortcoming
имя существительное
a state or situation in which something needed cannot be obtained in sufficient amounts.
a shortage of hard cash
There are many parts of the world where the shortage of food lasts for years, not just for one.
we have no shortage of applications for the job
a shortage of hard cash
This shortage of funds means many schools will have to set deficit budgets for the coming year.
Soon there was a great shortage of food, and there was no more medicine, and no more clothing.
there's a skills' shortage in that sector
the problems of land shortage in the countryside
Part two of my contingency plan addresses the food shortage caused by panic buying.
During the Italian occupation, there was again a food shortage for about five years.
there was shortage of food during the war