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short-staffed / неукомплектованный
имя прилагательное
understaffed, undermanned, unmanned, short-staffed
имя прилагательное
having too few or fewer than the usual number of staff.
we're rather short-staffed what with Christmas and everything
So everyone was very stressed, a bit short-staffed .
In Arizona, officials say, more than a hundred prison guards are serving overseas, leaving their already crowded prisons badly short-staffed .
Although officially retired in 2001, Mrs Cullen regularly taught lessons at the school when the school was short-staffed .
Harborview can't find the nursing and support personnel to handle the patient load it has now; it's chronically short-staffed .
We have been short-staffed at work because people keep going on holiday.
In August, we were very busy because it was so hot but we were short-staffed because a lot of people were off on holiday.
It also revealed that the Clyde-based agency was short-staffed on the day of the tragedy last July.
We don't want to cause disruption to the public but we are short-staffed and our pay rise wasn't good and people are upset.
We were so short-staffed at points that senior management were often doing the duties of junior prison officers.
If some commuters cannot get in then some employers will find themselves short-staffed .