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short-handed / нуждающийся в рабочей силе
имя прилагательное
нуждающийся в рабочей силе
имя прилагательное
not having enough or the usual number of staff or crew.
the kitchen was a bit short-handed
(of a goal) scored by a team playing with fewer players on the ice than their opponent.
Patrik Elias scored a short-handed goal and set up a power-play tally by Grant Marshall for the Devils.
Staff at St Luke's are short-handed , meaning the ones who are there are having to work in more than one area.
The board is supposed to have 10 members but is currently short-handed because of Rooney's departure.
It just taxed the Devils, who faced six short-handed situations one night earlier in a 3-1 victory at the New York Rangers.
According to sources in Ambon, these battalions have been utilised because the army is short-handed .
A little less than seven minutes into the second period the Mustangs pulled to within one goal when Sal Peralta scored a short-handed marker.
We could be short-handed ; I've still got to find out which of the guys are available.
She said: ‘The problem was caused when some staff left, leaving them short-handed .’
Shanks said that in a bid to add more staff on to night shifts, they were leaving themselves short-handed during the quieter daytime periods.
He had checked her records earlier, and the only reason she was hired as a maid was because the staff was really short-handed .
Preparation has been especially intense because the Army is short-handed on military police units, so these artillerymen are being quickly re-trained to provide desperately needed security for convoys.