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short / короткий, краткий, краткосрочный
имя прилагательное
short, brief, small, little, skimpy
brief, summary, short, concise, succinct, terse
short, short-term, short-dated
short, shortly, briefly, close
briefly, short, succinctly, tersely
sharp, abruptly, harshly, bitter, acutely, short
имя существительное
brevity, short, shortness, conciseness, concision, briefness
короткое замыкание
short circuit, short, shortcut circuit
короткометражный фильм
short film, short, featurette, shortie
имя прилагательное
measuring a small distance from end to end.
short, dark hair
lasting or taking a small amount of time.
visiting London for a short break
relatively small in extent.
a short speech
(of a vowel) categorized as short with regard to quality and length (e.g., in standard British English the vowel / ʊ / in good is short as distinct from the long vowel / uː / in food ).
Maybe it's all part of a plan to nullify the threat from the land of the short sharp vowel.
(of odds or a chance) reflecting or representing a high level of probability.
they have been backed at short odds to win thousands
(chiefly in sports) at, to, or over a relatively small distance.
you go deep and you go short
имя существительное
a drink of spirits served in a small measure.
Nicholas said he had drunk about six shorts and other alcohol and had taken heroin in the hours leading up to the encounter.
a short film as opposed to a feature film.
Arteta made several well-received shorts and the feature film Star Maps, about a would-be movie star who makes a living selling Hollywood maps - and sex.
a person who sells short.
During a downtrend, shorts are selling aggressively while the only participants that are buying are bottom pickers.
a mixture of bran and coarse flour.
The diets contained shorts , bran, or flour alone or in combination.
short-circuit or cause to short-circuit.
the electrical circuit had shorted out
sell (stocks or other securities or commodities) in advance of acquiring them, with the aim of making a profit when the price falls.
Take our investors, for example, who made money shorting financials over the last year.
I noticed how much has changed over these 10 short years, cinema prices, for instance.
she's still fifteen euro short
As she was about to turn away from the window Joanna heard voices coming from the park at the end of the short street.
Anything you would do differently in making the short or the feature film if you could do it over again?
After all, if the desk is higher, a short person can always get a booster seat.
The ease of the try was ominous, as was Joe Vagana's first-minute break that ended inches short .
The trouble is that his natural delivery is just back of a length and if he is not in the groove, he pitches too short and the batsmen cash in.
Stalwart cricketer and former president of Glusburn cricket club has died aged 80, after a short illness.
At Goodwood, Dolores will doubtless start at short odds to open her winning account in the Conqueror Stakes.
Who can resist the flinty crispness of baked pecans, suspended in a maple-goo inside short , buttery pastry?