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shoreline / береговая линия
имя существительное
береговая линия
coastline, shoreline, coast, sea line, strand
имя существительное
the line along which a large body of water meets the land.
he walked along the shoreline
имя существительное
a city in northwestern Washington, north of Seattle; population 52,005 (est. 2008).
He landed on the shoreline seeing nothing as he went deeper into the forest boundaries.
Releasing each other a second later, they burst into motion, fleeing along the shoreline .
He made his way along the shoreline , hurrying as he realised how late it had grown.
he walked along the shoreline
Flying over the lake we made a right turn along the western shoreline .
Spend the better part of three days on the river and two days camping along its shoreline .
The islanders come out at night and mix with the visitors and sailors in the many bars along the shoreline .
Walk along the shoreline at high tide and the ocean will lap at your toes.
Woody plants may create problems on embankments and along the shoreline of a pond.
There are few suitable locations along the shoreline , but many on the continental shelf.