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shore / побережье, берег моря, край
имя существительное
coast, shore, littoral
берег моря
beach, seaside, shore, seaboard
edge, region, end, margin, side, shore
имя прилагательное
shore, coastal, coast, waterside
prop, prop up, buttress, shore, support, back
сходить на берег
go ashore, come ashore, shore
спускать на берег
имя существительное
the land along the edge of a sea, lake, or other large body of water.
I took the tiller and made for the shore
a prop or beam set obliquely against something weak or unstable as a support.
support or hold up something with props or beams.
rescue workers had to shore up the building, which was in danger of collapse
The first fossils from this area were found in 1819 in limestone along the lake's shore , and new species continue to be found there.
The salmon can be raised economically only in pens along the ocean shore or in estuaries.
rescue workers had to shore up the building, which was in danger of collapse
On top of that, a government that is behind in the polls and not too far from the next election might not be able to resist the temptation to get involved and shore up its support.
All the events are in a continuous space, stretching along the lake shore and including the youth camp.
I made for the shore
Cutting prices may shore things up temporarily and makes sense as Christmas approaches.
When the domination of the multinational corporations is threatened, the military violence of the state is used to shore the system up.
But he certainly helped to accelerate the rate of economic and social change in the cities and towns along the shore of Lake Michigan.
Anyone is free to try to make the claim that availing oneself of Western Capitalism or failing to challenge it actively is helping to shore it up and siding with the status quo.