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shopping / делать покупки, присматриваться к товарам, рассматривать витрины
делать покупки
shop, go shopping, do one's shopping
присматриваться к товарам
рассматривать витрины
сажать в тюрьму
imprison, jail, lock up, put to prison, gaol, dungeon
доносить в полицию
имя существительное
the purchasing of goods from stores.
a busy shopping area
visit one or more stores or websites to buy goods.
she shopped for groceries twice a week
inform on (someone).
a concerned member of the public had shopped him—wrongly—for accepting monetary reward
alter (a photographic image) digitally using Photoshop image-editing software.
saying this picture was shopped was the way her lawyers attempted damage control
Here the tourists fight for seats with the elderly locals, usually weighed down with dozens of bags of shopping .
Look at your eating style and shopping and cooking techniques.
When carrying any kind of weight be it heavy bags of shopping or children, always keep it close to you body
Discouraged I walked on towards home, bags of heavy shopping in my hands.
He pushed her over so he could steal her bag of shopping , her purse and money, before he fled, leaving her lying injured on the ground.
a bag of shopping
There are several major shopping areas in Newcastle city centre.
The company says the modest increase in the size of the store would provide a more modern shopping environment for customers with wider aisles and more room to circulate.
Ensure that you buy all the heaviest items first without any regard for the rest of your shopping activities.
I am not sure if I will be able to cope with overcrowded trains and a big bag of shopping .