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shoplifting / воровство в магазинах
имя существительное
воровство в магазинах
имя существительное
the criminal action of stealing goods from a shop while pretending to be a customer.
He said the use of cameras in Wootton Bassett had seen a big drop in vandalism and shoplifting .
Most of them have committed felonies like drug possession, drunk driving, and shoplifting .
For thieves it is easier than burglary, robbery, shoplifting or mugging.
This is like tricking someone into shoplifting for you or stealing for you.
The customers suspected of shoplifting were sometimes manhandled in a most indecent way.
she had convictions for shoplifting
Petty crimes, such as vandalism and shoplifting , are also commonplace.
The court heard he had 19 previous convictions for shoplifting .
The crimes include shoplifting , assault, public order offences, theft and criminal damage.
The more seriously society takes shoplifting , the more shoplifters will be deterred.
Also, popular kids with troublesome peers showed the highest likelihood of being led into such dangers as vandalism and shoplifting .