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shooting / стрельба, расстрел, охота
имя существительное
shooting, firing, fire, shoot, gunning, fusillade
shooting, shooting down, fusillade
hunting, hunt, chase, shoot, shooting, sport
имя существительное
the action or practice of shooting.
the unprovoked shooting of civilians by soldiers
имя прилагательное
moving or growing quickly.
shooting beams of light played over the sea
kill or wound (a person or animal) with a bullet or arrow.
he was shot in the leg during an armed robbery
move suddenly and rapidly in a particular direction.
the car shot forward
(in soccer, hockey, basketball, etc.) kick, hit, or throw the ball or puck in an attempt to score a goal.
Williams twice shot wide
film or photograph (a scene, film, etc.).
she has just been commissioned to shoot a video
(of a plant or seed) send out buds or shoots; germinate.
Vines were also shooting out at Hadez as he spoke.
At one time, I felt the socializing aspect of cowboy shooting should be played down.
A cold shooting pain from her arms is her reward.
Cowboy shooting is taking the country by storm.
He is taking strong painkillers, but has bad nights, with shooting pains in his head.
By the end of the ride, I was suffering from heat exhaustion and sweating profusely, and I had shooting pains in my inner thighs.
Many people witness the shooting but no one does anything to confront the militiamen.
Officers found a juvenile who witnessed the shooting , but they would not elaborate.
When I went to yank the pillow, I had never used that muscle and sharp pains started shooting everywhere.
They also help control the type of stabbing or shooting pain sometimes caused by nerve damage.
My friend did some skeet shooting from various stands, I guess you call them.