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shoo / прогонять, вспугивать, спугивать
drive, chase, banish, drive out, drive away, shoo
scare away, spring, scare, scare off, shoo, start
flush, shoo
make (a person or animal) go away by waving one's arms at them, saying “shoo,” or otherwise acting in a discouraging manner.
I went to comfort her but she shooed me away
a word said to frighten or drive away a person or animal.
Oh, and if you haven't read the first part, ‘Millie’, shoo !
Oh, and if you haven't read the first part, ‘Millie’, shoo !
Maggie doesn't hide her animosity towards her father, and despite her daughters' curiosity, shoos him out as fast as she can.
With a swift and playful push, she shooed Daniel out, promising him to take only ten minutes.
He drags on his cigarette and, as if we hadn't been speaking, raises his eyes to the screens and silently shoos me out of his way.
Ryan scowled at the young man and shooed him away with a wave of his hand.
I remember my mother shooing us, silently, into the basement, her grabbing the cast iron skillet and standing to the side of the door.
Policemen shooed us away from near the lake not out of being perverse but because a great big tree had fallen down and blocked the road.
Finally, a March organizer shooed us along the route as we were falling behind.
She shooed her kids into the play area and came over to sit down on the bench.
The instructor interrupts his advance, shooing him away.