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shoelace / шнурок для ботинок, шнурок туфли
имя существительное
шнурок для ботинок
shoelace, bootlace, shoestring, shoe-tie
шнурок туфли
имя существительное
a cord or leather strip passed through eyelets or hooks on opposite sides of a shoe and pulled tight and fastened.
He turned around and grabbed one of my shoelaces , I pulled back my foot to prevent him from doing whatever he was going to do.
He quickly grabbed my shoelace , and pulled it free.
He discovered that his favorite shirt was missing a button, and when he started to tie his shoes, his shoelace broke.
I went back the next day and he slowly pulled the shoelace out.
Rual tied the shoelace of her shoe as she stood in the doorway.
I was sitting on the end of the bed, tying the shoelace on my left shoe.
She grinned, shoelaces flapping about, and hopped into the passenger side.
As well as these basic manners, youngsters are not being shown skills like how to sit still, to tie shoelaces and fasten buttons.
He'd buy shoes without shoelaces so he didn't have to bend down to pick them up.
In full view of the German and Italian troops he pretended to tie his shoelaces and rejoined the wires.
As for rats, they'd eat through anything made of leather - they'd go for your shoelaces if you stood still long enough.