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shoehorn / рожок
имя существительное
horn, bottle, bugle, shoehorn, nursing bottle, clarion
имя существительное
a curved instrument used to ease one's heel into a shoe.
Use a long-handled shoehorn if you have trouble putting on shoes.
force into an inadequate space.
people were shoehorned into cramped corners
The average airline ticket in the U.S. should come with a shoehorn to help wedge you into the seat.
Use a long-handled shoehorn if you have trouble putting on shoes.
If you look at the bag with a transmitted x-ray, you can make out various things - a radio, a shoehorn , shaving cream.
And when buses finally arrive, they are often packed so full of people that we wish our Metropasses had come equipped with a shoehorn .
Whoever wins is going to need a really big shoehorn .
So-called psychics frequently shoehorn events to fit vague statements they made in the past.
Why shoehorn all the pupils into one site when there is ample space at the former Middle School on Valley Drive?
These snippets of genetic material shoehorn themselves into a variety of spots in a host's DNA.
After much struggling and battling with the shoehorn he finally got the shoes on.
The sparkling clean room has four lockers, each with wooden coat hangers, a lower compartment for shoes, with complimentary shoehorn , and an upper compartment for personal effects.