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shoddy / дрянной, низкопробный, притворный
имя прилагательное
cheesy, shoddy, trashy, worthless, lousy, rubbishy
shoddy, tabloid, of base alloy, cheapjack, bush league, bum
mock, feigned, sham, pretended, simulated, shoddy
имя существительное
дешевая подделка
дешевка с претензией
имя прилагательное
badly made or done.
we're not paying good money for shoddy goods
имя существительное
an inferior quality yarn or fabric made from the shredded fiber of waste woolen cloth or clippings.
There are cotton shoddy mats and foams and absorbers.
Replacing cotton shoddy with this new fiber may help auto makers avoid the issue.
We're not going to have the Government use shoddy , tawdry little tricks to drum up the notion of fear and then fail on competence.
In short, while the proposal may have merit, the method of proposing it has been downright shoddy .
There are cotton shoddy mats and foams and absorbers.
Those interests may be ill-informed, based on shoddy reasoning or false axioms, but none of that matters.
That, given sufficient publicity some kind of audience will appeal for almost any event, no matter how shoddy or potentially immoral.
Many years of shoddy work has resulted in the pathetic shape of city roads.
They're not the rather shoddy efforts that are made today.
The report was, in short, an incredibly shoddy piece of work.
Over the years, players were not recognised for their contributions and complained of shoddy treatment.