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shocker / бульварный роман, очень плохой экземпляр, очень плохой образец
имя существительное
бульварный роман
shocker, novelette
очень плохой экземпляр
shocker, shilling shocker
очень плохой образец
shocker, shilling shocker
имя существительное
something that shocks, especially through being unacceptable or sensational.
the play's penultimate sequence is a shocker
a shock absorber.
I was a shocker when I was younger
The real shocker was that naproxen also appeared to pose a problem.
Anyway I've got a shocker of a cold and I need to get stuff done (like getting rid of the shocking cold!
The idea that drugs designed to fight depression and prevent suicide could potentially make things worse for some kids was a shocker .
The shocker , however, was the big jump in problem loans from a bank with ‘a squeaky clean reputation for managing credit risk.’
It was the shocker of the 1998 Salzburg Festival.
the play's penultimate sequence is a shocker
And here's the shocker : I'm taking the abstinence route with her.
I was a shocker when I was younger
This is a shocker - the 7-2 favorite, Miss Norway, didn't make the finals.