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shoal / мелководье, косяк, стая
имя существительное
shallow, shoal, shoal water, bar
cant, shoal, stud, cheek
flock, pack, flight, school, swarm, shoal
имя прилагательное
shallow, shoal
small, shallow, fine, petty, potty, shoal
собираться в косяки
crowd, throng, mob, mill, swarm, shoal
зайти в мелководье
имя существительное
a large number of fish swimming together.
a shoal of bream
an area of shallow water, especially as a navigational hazard.
Two of the four ships managed to escape while the two others sought shelter in a shallow area of the shoal .
(of fish) form shoals.
Those of the 57 entrants in Sunday's Tadcaster open not drawn in the bottom field struggled on a clear Wharfe at Smaws Ings as the fish shoaled up above the weir.
(of water) become shallower.
Such vertical facies changes indicate that water depth generally shoaled as sediment supply exceeded the formation of accommodation space, probably as global sea level fell.
имя прилагательное
(of water) shallow.
The ship deployed her mooring legs in a precision anchoring evolution less than 1,200 yards from shoal water.
Still, at the end of the dive a small shoal of mackerel did swim past.
a shoal of bream
Although large fish may be loners, leerfish will shoal in numbers if bait is present in large quantities and fishing at this time, such as during Natal's sardine run, can be phenomenal.
Above the wheelhouse, a big shoal of barracuda has appeared while we are below.
The water below had turned from blue to dark brown as the shoal of sardines passed beneath us.
It's warm, the spring tide is rising, we're going over a shoal .
One of the extras listed was a shoal draught keel.
All the same we took about thirty fish from the shoal before they became too cross with us to feed on.
Grayling are starting to shoal on the rivers Eden and Wharfe with the rise in water levels and drop in water temperature after the rain.
An enormous shoal of mackerel were swimming overhead.