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shirty / сердитый, раздраженный, рассерженный
имя прилагательное
angry, grumpy, irate, cross, gruff, shirty
irritated, annoyed, disgruntled, angry, peeved, shirty
disgruntled, wrathful, mad, wrathy, shirty
имя прилагательное
irritable; querulous.
don't get annoyed or shirty on the phone
Brin got all shirty .
The door staff are a bit shirty .
What you getting shirty at me for, I said I was sorry.
don't get shirty with me
We don't have to like each other all the time - any shirtiness just adds to the momentum.
The judge said shirtily that ‘there certainly was an intent to find that the incipient competition that they represented was extinguished by the company's anticompetitive conduct.’
‘I thought you'd get on,’ he says, shirtily , ‘I just didn't expect you to be singing duets.’
As recently as the previous weekend, the ever emotional former England manager had reacted rather shirtily to a suggestion that he should continue where he was.
Our response: we realise any further shirtiness is pointless.
Fortunately, there are various degrees of shirtiness running as sub-themes alongside the more obvious trends.