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shirtsleeve / рукав рубашки
имя существительное
рукав рубашки
имя прилагательное
plain, simple, ordinary, elementary, idle, common
simple, uncomplicated, plain, inelaborate, inornate, shirt-sleeve
unbending, shirt-sleeve
имя существительное
the sleeve of a shirt.
he rolled up his shirtsleeves
имя прилагательное
(of weather) warm enough to wear a shirt with no jacket.
the shirtsleeve November days before the hard cold set in
When the sun comes out, it's shirtsleeve weather; otherwise you'll want a jacket.
It was a shirtsleeve day, and one could sit on a low stonewall or on a camp chair and wait for the parade to come by.
What began as a shirtsleeve day, turned bad fast.
He's visibly agitated, gesturing with passion, darting looks out the window, and adjusting his monogrammed shirtsleeves as he searches for his words.
The initial format was criticised as being less authoritative than other output on the channel, this being blamed on the radical colour and design of the set and the shirtsleeved male presenters.
He pockets his cuff links, then briskly, with a snapping sound, rolls his shirtsleeves to his elbows.
‘I'm sorry, I'm such a disgrace,’ Sam sobbed into her brother and her hands clung to his shirtsleeves .
The edge of his gauntlets show beneath the edge of his shirtsleeves , flashing as he walks in time with the bracers that cling to his shins and over his feet.
Jamie rolled up his shirtsleeves to his elbows and gave a small sigh, rubbing his head again.
These men with weather beaten faces and broad shoulders went about their business quietly, their shirtsleeves rolled up over their muscular forearms.