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shire / графство
имя существительное
county, earldom, shire
имя существительное
a county, especially in England.
What is lacking, however, is a map of all the counties and shires across the archipelago, given the number of references to them in Smith's narrative.
forming the names of counties.
Plans to revive traditional shire county names has received a favourable response in Westmorland.
"This has been interpreted as a precursor to the demise of the three shire counties.
In three out of ten questions asked, Wiltshire was top of all shire counties in England.
Sessions of the shire court were held under the jurisdiction of the Commissioners for each circuit.
There's even a polite cheer from the family from the shires who are sitting directly behind us in the stalls.
It looks like it's been written by a teenage girl from the shires .
Our fellow guests, two couples from the Shires , join us and soon the house party is in full swing.
Its average member is 65 years old - mainly wealthy retirees concentrated in the rural Shires .
Working, as I do, in the Shires , there are going to be patients who have strong religious views, and think ‘this is of the devil’ or whatever.
But no matter what the perspective - from shocked reader from the shires to shrill debunker from the radical left - no one ever seems to say exactly what it is they're objecting to.