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shipyard / верфь, судостроительный завод, судоверфь
имя существительное
shipyard, dockyard
судостроительный завод
имя существительное
a place where ships are built and repaired.
There are a few shipyards however, where ships are docked for repairs.
The Zenith's engines powered up for the first time as the ship cleared the shipyard that built it.
Along with most of the crew, no one at the shipyard knew why the ship was being refurbished.
I remember entering a shipyard , along the quays of the Seine, outside of Paris.
There was a great little card there, the last one before the bus took us through the shipyard and to our pier.
Work is underway at a shipyard in the Bahamas with completion expected by the end of this year.
The rebels had even hastily built a shipyard station to repair damaged ships.
Cape Asia has already ordered a similar size bulk carrier from the shipyard .
While still in Norway a Norwegian commander who worked in the shipyard that built St Albans paid the ship a visit.
The 250 exhibitors from top shipyards and international luxury yacht manufacturers made the show the largest of its kind in Asia.
There are a few shipyards however, where ships are docked for repairs.