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shipwright / корабел, кораблестроитель, корабельный плотник
имя существительное
shipbuilder, shipwright, naval architect
корабельный плотник
имя существительное
a shipbuilder.
There was slave labor available, but shipwrights , machinists, sailmakers, and all the skilled trades required in shipbuilding were in critically short supply.
He managed Millbrook and worked as a shipwright in Plymouth docks before retiring
More recent ‘traditional’ ship building methods require the shipwright to build the frames first on the keel, and then to add the strakes after.
A shipwright is building a boat on Carrot Bay on the island of Tortola.
A carpenter in Freeport meant, or course, he was also a shipwright .
Ships of the Age of Discovery were built from the mind of a shipwright , instead of blueprints.
Clinker shipbuilding was a genuine craft, in which the shipwright remained close to his materials.
The two shipwright 's or mast axes are representative of the most common Hathaway tools.
By then living in Florida, the former customer and friend read an article about the Amistad reconstruction that said the project needed shipwrights .
The even skin of the carvel hull enabled shipwrights to cut gunports close to the waterline.
By contrast, a Scottish artiste might play to sodden Glasgow shipwrights , a restrained middle class audience and a temperance rally in the same week.