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shipshape / в полном порядке, аккуратно
в полном порядке
orderly, shipshape
carefully, neatly, regularly, shipshape
имя прилагательное
находящийся в полном порядке
orderly, careful, neat, tidy, trim, shipshape
имя прилагательное
in good order; trim and neat.
he checked that everything was shipshape
This is only stop-gap funding, however, and it's a far cry from what the Coast Guard says it needs to operate in a shipshape manner.
By early this week, the island began to look not only shipshape but also remarkably like Smithson's drawing.
Still, keeping it shipshape is no easy job, and I can't stress it enough: I want you to act like professionals, hear?
He wasn't exactly known as the most shipshape person.
For generations they were the hub of Yorkshire's fishing industry - where families worked together to mend nets, bait lines, and ensure everything was shipshape for harvesting the sea.
As he tackled the task of making the tavern shipshape , Ben breathed another prayer, this time one of thanksgiving.
The legend maintains that the Sargasso Sea derelicts are found shipshape but otherwise bereft of a living soul.
What impressed him were the tidiness and organization of their canoe, as if the men he met were like sailors on the HMS Fly, keeping it shipshape .
Having been certified to sail, all souls safely back on board, shipshape and Bristol fashioned, fed and foddered, the boat departed on the evening tide into a glorious sunset on Wednesday last.
We thought it would make an amazing base - although we've averaged 16 hours a day for several months since March to get the place shipshape .