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shipping / перевозка груза, судоходство, перевозка
имя существительное
перевозка груза
shipping, navigation
shipping, transportation, transport, carriage, transit, conveyance
имя существительное
ships considered collectively, especially those in a particular area or belonging to a particular country.
the volume of shipping using these ports
transport (goods or people) on a ship.
the wounded soldiers were shipped home
(of a boat) take in (water) over the side.
He told me afterwards the yacht was believed to be shipping water and the fate of the skipper was not known.
take (oars) from the oarlocks and lay them inside a boat.
Once the boat had settled we shipped the oars, got out our lines, baited the hooks and dropped them over the gunwale.
Actually, this is my site and I don't make any money off of the shipping and handling fee.
Even including the cost of shipping , you can save money.
Even when it comes to paying the shipping and handling fees, remember that you are not paying for the gas to driving across town, the parking and the lost time spent getting there and back.
And he revealed the crew was already finding out what shipping was in the area in case they needed rescuing.
Look at something like free super saver shipping - our free shipping on orders over $25.
Direct shipping from western ports would avoid possible contamination and cut transport charges.
It is in full view of most of the town of Dover, and has uninterrupted views of shipping in the Straits of Dover.
statues were available at $20 plus $4 for shipping and handling
The shipping and tax module fulfils almost all the major requirements.
a shipping company