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shipper / грузоотправитель, поставщик, отправитель грузов
имя существительное
shipper, consignor, consigner, freighter
provider, purveyor, producer, contractor, caterer, shipper
отправитель грузов
имя существительное
a person or company that sends or transports goods by sea, land, or air.
The company has made it a thousand times easier to track shipments, by having shippers fill out airbills online.
The assorted US states now have tax treaties with each other that let them tell other states who received goods from a shipper an any state.
Officials declined to give any specifics on the shipment, including the shipper of the weapons, the intended end-user and the make of the guns.
The systems track the deluge of details associated with each freight load, including the shipper , the carrier, the goods, bills of lading, and the like.
With the labels, consumers don't necessarily have to travel to make the return; they can call a shipper for pick-up.
They complete all procedural and documentation formalities involved in customs and port clearance on behalf of the shipper , and arrange for the warehousing of cargo before shipment.
Driving a single load between the UK and Italy may cost $1,100 - or it may cost $2,300, depending on whether the shipper or the carrier has the upper hand.
Perishable and temperature sensitive goods will be transported provided that the shipper accepts that this is at its risk.
The Atlanta-based shipper once developed a motor that could burn cheap corn oil.
The insurance policy should be taken out in the name of the shipper and the should be endorsed in blank, except when stipulated to the contrary.
In order to beef it up and stabilise it on its voyage, the English shippers began to add brandy as a fortifying element.