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shipment / груз, отправка, погрузка
имя существительное
cargo, goods, load, freight, loading, shipment
dispatch, shipment, forwarding, despatch
loading, shipment, embarkation, shipping, lading, filling
имя существительное
the action of shipping goods.
logs waiting for shipment
The Communist insurgents are waiting on a massive arms shipment in which to topple the current regime.
All are being marketed to seed companies for application to seed before shipment to retailers.
Instead we were invited to proceed to the payments page and enter credit card details for immediate shipment .
The fastest possible shipment would require five days and the use of three planes.
He glanced back and saw the co-pilot looking out over the roads, probably looking to see if they had lost any of their shipment .
The planned nuclear shipment is being opposed by nations along its route, and could be greeted by a flotilla of protest boats in the Irish Sea.
The packing shed used for packing and sorting apples for shipment also houses a small retail area.
This can be at the time of shipment - once it has obtained the transport documents evidencing shipment .
The ban is expected to cause a delay of two to three months before another food shipment can be received.
The defendants resold part of one shipment of lumber and later complained that the lumber was defective and refused to pay for it.