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shipmate / товарищ по плаванию
имя существительное
товарищ по плаванию
имя существительное
a fellow member of a ship's crew.
Already seen as shipmates by Wasp crew members, they will soon be American citizens.
And when a ship need underway replenishment or a shipmate goes overboard, this highly-qualified team s launched into action.
I'm just passing through to kill time till my shipmate fixes the ship that she damaged.
A fellow shipmate , good sailor, good man, good friend.
Whispering soon ensued, and the crew member led my shipmates to a little boat tied up to the side of the ship.
They had saved their ship and saved their shipmates , he told them.
In this climate of fear and shortages the support and generosity shown to the Harare branch by their fellow shipmates in the UK has meant a great deal.
Again, a little personal intervention into our shipmates ' careers can go a long way in helping them appreciate service in the Navy on a daily basis.
First-time sailors from land-locked states become shipmates with experienced sailors.
What we really feared was letting down our shipmates - and our fellow citizens.
His head popped over the rail and when he noticed Pearl there by herself he called for help from his fellow shipmates .