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shipboard / борт судна
имя существительное
борт судна
имя существительное
used or occurring on board a ship.
playing in a shipboard jazz orchestra
A closed-circuit television and close-range sonar provides for viewing objects already detected by the shipboard sonar.
Independently, two shipboard groups had each bypassed one of two in-place safety features, confident that the other would suffice.
shipboard life
The only thing that could have been more realistic was an actual shipboard fire.
This charming book is perfect for younger children to reinforce shipboard safety and the importance of life jackets.
Cruise lines are constantly geared toward providing a steady flow of shipboard entertainment for cruisers to enjoy.
Because of inadequate domestic production of shipboard machinery and equipment, Mallory struggled to obtain such commodities from other sources.
I was more then a little surprised to actually wake up, let alone in the sterile, yet cramped surroundings of a shipboard sickbay.
We must assume the shipboard environment is ‘foreign’ to the contractor and ensure that they really understand and adhere to Navy's rules and regulations.
Two other shipboard photographers were lost in the sinking.