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ship / корабль, судно, космический корабль
имя существительное
ship, boat, vessel, nave, barque, ark
vessel, ship, boat, craft, bedpan, hovercraft
космический корабль
spacecraft, spaceship, space vehicle, ship, interstellar spaceship, aerospace vehicle
перевозить груз
грузить товары
производить посадку
имя существительное
a vessel larger than a boat for transporting people or goods by sea.
Returning to Metro had taken him several months of stowing away on cargo ships and transports before finally reaching the city.
transport (goods or people) on a ship.
the wounded soldiers were shipped home
(of a boat) take in (water) over the side.
He told me afterwards the yacht was believed to be shipping water and the fate of the skipper was not known.
take (oars) from the oarlocks and lay them inside a boat.
Once the boat had settled we shipped the oars, got out our lines, baited the hooks and dropped them over the gunwale.
denoting a quality or condition.
denoting status, office, or honor.
denoting a skill in a certain capacity.
denoting the collective individuals of a group.
At a young age, Ramona went out on her father's small sloop and learned everything about a ship and sailing.
It takes another 12 days to ship goods directly from Tanjung Priok to Busan Port in South Korea.
She found herself laying on the broken mast of the ship , with white sails and splinters of wood floating lazily around her.
The company has already announced that the product will ship in Russia, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.
The marines and seamen soon had the pirate ship swept of her inhabitants.
To launch a ship into higher orbit, or to a distant planet, it must carry more fuel.
These people kept the ship running, transporting the strange and deadly cargo around the universe.
For Jameson, the building is like an alien ship , a space capsule.
Transportation costs had to be incurred to ship goods to consumers in proportion to their distance from producers.
your order will ship tomorrow