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shiny / блестящий, солнечный, яркий
имя прилагательное
brilliant, shiny, shining, bright, glossy, sparkling
solar, sunny, shiny, sunshiny, heliacal, heliac
bright, vivid, colorful, shining, flamboyant, shiny
имя прилагательное
(of a smooth surface) reflecting light, typically because very clean or polished.
shiny hair
An object with a smooth shiny surface reflects more light than an object with a rough grainy surface.
Standing them in water will keep the stems shiny and plump but be careful when using electric lighting near water.
My handsome brother, with his shiny black hair, white teeth and carved jaw line.
Powered by infrared lasers, the shiny surface reflects and focuses this laser beam into a ring.
When cooked, the filling should have set like a custard and have a smooth shiny surface.
Beneath the postmodern gloss of its bright shiny surfaces lies a cleverly disguised core of rational modernity.
My eyes darted to the point of the noise and saw a small shiny black object with earphones.
I almost met him once and he had very shiny shoes - always a sign of true class.
She put on the silky dress, white stockings and shiny black boots.
How do I avoid scuffing my new shiny black shoes?