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shingle / кровельная дранка, гонт, галька
имя существительное
кровельная дранка
pebble, shingle, beach, boulder, jack, nodule
обшивать гонтом
крыть гонтом
крыть дранкой
имя существительное
a mass of small rounded pebbles, especially on a seashore.
There were also sand dunes and shingle banks that were later used for building roads in the new town.
a rectangular tile of asphalt composite, wood, metal, or slate used on walls or roofs.
Remove enough of the roof shingles , tiles, gravel, or other roofing material down to the tar paper.
a woman's short haircut in which the hair tapers from the back of the head to the nape of the neck.
a small signboard, especially one found outside a doctor's or lawyer's office.
This is my only reason for justifying the shingle hanging outside in the boulevard.
roof or clad with shingles.
a tower surmounted by a shingled spire
cut (a woman's hair) in a shingle.
My hair is shingled , and the longest strands are about nine inches long.
What would happen if the sand or shingle was too fine to allow the movement of vehicles on the beaches?
a wonderful beach of fine shingle
The shingle on his door says that he is a Jungian analyst.
This is my only reason for justifying the shingle hanging outside in the boulevard.
Mostly it's sand, sometimes a fine shingle , sometimes pebbles of every hue, and here and there flat shale for skimming the waves.
So, I'll leave my shingle hanging outside this virtual stoop a while longer.
The shingle banks were wonderful, like frozen waves perhaps six feet from trough to crest; you could walk along a trough as it were beneath the landscape, invisible.
Now, thanks to advances in photovoltaic technology, it's possible to shingle your roof with solar tiles.
they pulled the boat up on the shingle
Descending the shotline the Brighton emerged at around 40m on a sand and shingle seabed at 48m.