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shiner / синяк, монета, блестящая вещь
имя существительное
bruise, shiner, mar, extravasation
coin, piece, piece of money, shiner, ducat, bean
блестящая вещь
имя существительное
a thing that shines or reflects light.
moonlight blanked the weakest shiners, but the more powerful stars were gleaming
a black eye.
She smiled and looked to him then back to me, ‘You look worse, but I'm glad he will have a nice shiner and a lot of bruises.’
a small silvery North American freshwater fish of the minnow family that typically has colorful markings.
Baitfish comprise the minnows, shiners , and chubs.
I heard that Alabaster got a pretty good shiner from it too though no one knew why.
It looks like we'll have to use the scale shiner again.
The freshwater golden shiner was expected to have a high tracer enrichment, because it is reported to feed on zooplankton.
his shiner was throbbing
Another environmentalist land grab is underway in six states to protect the Topeka shiner , a minnow.
After lying inert for several minutes, Totmianina was taken to hospital with concussion before being discharged the next day with a shiner on her eye.
The girl would have one hell of a shiner tomorrow.
‘Nice shiner ,’ She said, referring to the faint purple hue the skin around his right cheekbone had taken.
Indeed, whitebait is one of the numerous alternative common names which are used of this fish, others being green smelt, shiner , spearing, and sperling.
Don't stand too close to the stage during their 10-minute set or you might be sporting a shiner for the rest of the summer.