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shindig / шумная вечеринка, веселье
имя существительное
шумная вечеринка
fun, gladness, gaiety, joy, cheer, shindig
имя существительное
a large, lively party, especially one celebrating something.
So there's this big dance party shindig on Saturday night.
The shindig actually starts days before the party when the first of the very-Florida decorations appear.
I hope this shindig doesn't turn into a super shindig because I lost my whole family at a cowboy dance last year.
So there's this big dance party shindig on Saturday night.
our album launch shindig
The stellar shindig featured various celebrity types, some free snacks and drinks, and lots of great atmosphere.
In the week it was confirmed that these guys are to go national with their Friday night shindig , they make a well-timed appearance away from the cameras.
Plan to nap the day of the shindig so you'll be awake that night and into the next dawn.
Since we don't have a curfew Friday, we thought a bunch of the girls could get together in the rec hut and have a little shindig .
I'm not sure I'm up for another shindig after last night but it needs investigation!
Lorna, who works in the town square's newsagent, believes the town has been primed for a celebrity shindig since the 1960s.