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shin / голень
имя существительное
shin, leg, shank, calf
climb, clamber, scramble, clamber up, shin up, shin
climb, shin, shin up
ударяться голенью
ударять в голень
run, shin
имя существительное
the front of the leg below the knee.
Children commonly fall and scrape or bruise the skin covering anterior parts of the body such as the shins , knees, hands, elbows, nose, periorbital area and forehead.
climb quickly up or down by gripping with one's arms and legs.
he shinned up a tree
Further south, the Stufato alla romana is based on shin of beef.
For my main course, I had the fillet of Aberdeen beef, with braised shin and green vegetables, served on a bed of creamed celeriac and Madeira sauce.
For example, Star Anise, that peculiar spice that looks like a fossilised flower, has really changed my stews, adding an unfamiliar glamour to shin of beef.
The knobbly bits on your upper shin , just below the knee cap, are called your tibial tuberosities, and there are muscles attached to them.
Place right hand on inner thigh, behind right knee, and left hand around shin or ankle of left leg.
Place the browned bones and the fresh piece of shin in your largest stock pot and cover by at least half an inch with cold water.
I always use shin , because it has such a good flavour and texture, but other cuts are fine.
Reach forward to elongate the spine, then reach toward the front shin and rest hand here or on the floor, if possible.
As you flex your ankles, knees and hips, the angle of your front shin with the ground should match the angle of your spine with the ground.
she was struck on the shin