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shim / шайба, клин, тонкая прокладка
имя существительное
washer, puck, shim, collar, spacer, rove
wedge, gore, key, gusset, shim, chock
тонкая прокладка
trig, shim, key
имя существительное
a washer or thin strip of material used to align parts, make them fit, or reduce wear.
For European style cabinets, adjustments to the guides will typically need to be done by inserting thin shims between the guides and the cabinet and/or the drawer.
wedge (something) or fill up (a space) with a shim.
Blades with tilted heel or sole plates should also be avoided; however, by shimming them this can be corrected for when they are mounted.
As long as you shim it to the right size, it should not matter which one you use.
an aluminium shim reduces the diameter so that a standard stem will fit
To avoid pulling your cabinets out of kilter as you position them to the wall, shim the gaps at the fastening point (where the stud is located) before screwing the cabinet into place.
The coating is not affected by lubricant films and can be applied as a tailor-made shim , foil gasket or as a direct coating.
Currently I've aligned the shim with the frameset cut and have the collar at 180 degrees to the seat lug.
So it was necessary to shim the tools, test machine, and check the accuracy.
Shimming is done electronically, with the operator entering data that moves the tool up or down, eliminating the need to shim by hand.
If pieces of the shim fell into the transmission oil sump, the transmission filter could become blocked and cause low oil pressure.
This thin shim moved the lever about 12 mm closer to the handlebar.
Hence it is generally necessary to shim blades or to remove sole leather when mounting blades in the correct position for a given skater.