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shifter / рычаг переключения
имя существительное
a person or thing that shifts something.
each morning the rock-shifters travel by donkey cart to start work
Time to fire up the sand shifter machine I reckon.
Thankfully this model had the gear shifter on the floor.
Magnesium is used in the steering column and gear shifter paddles.
I've got a bit of a black eye where I think a brake lever or gear shifter hit it, and I've got a sore hip on my left side.
I will prove that I can be something better than a rock shifter !
Grace stomped the clutch and moved the shifter to first gear.
On the front derailleur shifter , the indexing cog appears to be exposed by design underneath the brake lever handle.
During repetitive playback, turning the dial on the pitch shifter produced unexpected melodies that drew me into a mild rapture.
The shifter moves to 2nd gear 1.5 seconds into the run.
I somehow lost the front cover and fixing screw from the left shifter of my new road bike.