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shield / щит, экран, защита
имя существительное
shield, screen, guard, baffle, shell, gate
screen, shield, baffle, shade, baffle plate, riddle
protection, defense, security, shield, advocacy, vindication
protect, defend, advocate, uphold, guard, shield
screen, shield
obstruct, hide, shield, eclipse, occult, buckler
имя существительное
a broad piece of metal or another suitable material, held by straps or a handle attached on one side, used as a protection against blows or missiles.
Patrick whipped out his new shield and the shield defended against the blow.
something shaped like a shield, in particular.
a person or thing providing protection.
a protective coating of grease provides a shield against abrasive dirt
protect (someone or something) from a danger, risk, or unpleasant experience.
he pulled the cap lower to shield his eyes from the glare
There is no ozone layer, which on Earth functions as a critical shield from deadly doses of ultraviolet radiation.
to shield the ball from an opponent
The design incorporates a shield which prevents the thumb safely and rear sight from robbing against the body.
The commission's foot-dragging has provided a convenient shield from corporate responsibility.
he pulled the cap lower to shield his eyes from the glare
The northern part of the shield is truncated by a 10 km wide embayment, open to the north and filled by postshield volcanism.
cylindrical ducts shield the propellers
On occasion, I suspect her of using the subject of John, which is safe because everything's been said, as a shield to protect herself from scrutiny.
The dorsal shield was pierced by a single, large, nostril-like opening situated in the middle of the head in front of the eyes.
How is this possible if the only shield protecting the people against a fate worse than death is to have the reformists, no matter how incompetent, sit in power positions?