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shibboleth / шибболет, устаревшее поверье, тайный пароль
имя существительное
устаревшее поверье
тайный пароль
имя существительное
a custom, principle, or belief distinguishing a particular class or group of people, especially a long-standing one regarded as outmoded or no longer important.
the party began to break with the shibboleths of the left
They broke with the old shibboleth that sovereignty cannot be divided and thus that there must be some supremely sovereign legislative body in every independent political unit.
Political correctness is a shibboleth , a convenient catch - all term with which progressive policies can be tainted by association with absurd anecdotes.
In these globalising times, nobody likes to hear the old shibboleth from the past.
It is more or less free of regional, class, and other shibboleths , although the issue of a ‘standard accent’ often causes trouble and tension.
As with the country's crusade against communism, the pointless violence reflects America's own shibboleths , fears, and internal politics rather than meaningful policy.
Bizarre or not, uncritical attachment to old shibboleths inexorably yield contradiction.
It holds up the assumptions about Beauty, Truth, Genius, Civilisation, Taste and other shibboleths to bracing class and gender analysis.
He was up at the microphone chanting two of the most sacred lefty shibboleths .
It is mandatory reading for the high school and college students who are spoon-fed the politically correct shibboleths that obscure an understanding of the men to whom we owe a unique debt of gratitude for our freedom.
That is why those people arguing shibboleths , arguing for referendums, are defeating their own argument, because the strength of the argument we have heard today is exactly why we should not have a referendum.