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sheriff / шериф
имя существительное
sheriff, sherif, shereef
имя существительное
(in the US) an elected officer in a county who is responsible for keeping the peace.
And the spokeswoman for the Broward County sheriffs office candidly stated that we did that because of the media hype.
Although the county sheriff 's office was just a block away, their bootleg business allegedly dwarfed their trade in seed, feed and gardening equipment.
But Gross says the sheriff 's office was responsive in at least one respect: providing access to public documents.
Drunk and impaired drivers have to be kept off the road because other people's lives are at stake, so by all means bring your concerns to the county sheriff 's office.
The Orange County sheriff 's office says that he's expected to be just fine.
‘Somebody's gonna have to pay for it one way or another,’ said the sheriff of King William County at the time.
In fact, he purchased a Florida home at that point for his wife and two children, then sought and was promised a job in a county sheriff 's office.
The sheriff 's office typically responds to anonymous complaints within two weeks.
There was enough of a gap before seeing the county sheriff for a breathalyser test to be worthless.
They argued that the later Privy Council decision R v HM Advocate had held that it was ultra vires for the procurator fiscal to bring proceedings before a temporary sheriff .
The fourth call was handed over to the county sheriff 's office and a female deputy was dispatched to assist her in donning her hosiery.