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sherd / надкрылье
имя существительное
elytron, sherd, shard, elytrum, sheath, wing-case
After excavation a sherd can be heated again and its stored energy released and measured.
Within the border zone on the nearer side of the frontier, the haul of finds during an excavation might consist of two or three sherds of Roman pottery, a glass bead or fragment of a glass bangle, some iron fragments, and quernstones.
Over 900 mould fragments, 250 crucible sherds , as well as waste products, scrap metalwork, tools and raw materials were recovered.
There were sherds of pottery all over the place.
The presence of Woodland rim and body sherds and Great Oasis pottery, including entire vessels, already has been noted.
Colin saw human bone and Beaker sherds and called Wessex Archaeology: a team was on site that afternoon.
The courtyard had become extremely muddy with use, and trapped in the mud were numerous sherds of pottery and other small finds.
Ancient walls and pottery sherds are concentrated on the surface of Azoria at an elevation of approximately 320-370 m above sea level.
A few sherds of Anglo-Saxon pottery are associated with this final phase.
During the Iron Age, people continued to visit Grimes Graves and several excavations have produced pottery sherds , although, again, no settlements have yet been found.