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shepherdess / пастушка
имя существительное
shepherdess, amaryllis, herdswoman
имя существительное
a female shepherd.
The people we met were like the cast from an old faery tale: bearded woodcutters sat chatting in clearings of the forest; cowherds and shepherdesses wandered past with their flocks, shy and silent.
The idle pleasure of the shepherd and shepherdess would have reminded seventeenth-century viewers of the human condition in an uncultivated environment.
She altered the composition by shifting the house to the right and filling in the left with a bucolic scene of a shepherd and shepherdess with a small flock of sheep.
The funniest was of Phoebe, the young shepherdess who had fallen in love with Rosalind in her male guise.
Nero's Domus Aurea was one; Marie Antoinette's life as a shepherdess another.
Dulcinea, the ballerina role, appears in many guises (devoted servant girl, proud shepherdess , guardian spirit, damsel in distress, Madonna).
You are, after all, my darling shepherdess who cries wolf.
She has always wanted to be a shepherdess … despite suffering from Spina Bifida and despite the fact that her collie dog was afraid of sheep.
Suddenly, she decides to spend her time as a shepherdess caring for her own flocks and now everyone can see her.
For starters, Joan the humble shepherdess is a romantic fancy.
Diaghilev celebrates the pure, youthful love of a shepherd and shepherdess that triumphs over the wickedness of pirates who kidnap Chloe and the seduction of Daphnis by worldly older woman, Lykanion.