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shepherd / пасти, вести, присматривать
graze, feed, pasture, shepherd, herd, tend
lead, conduct, keep, guide, drive, shepherd
tend, shepherd, do for
имя существительное
shepherd, sheep-dog
shepherd, herdsman, cowherd, goatherd, cowboy, herd
имя существительное
a person who tends and rears sheep.
In numerous prints donkeys and sheep enslave millers and shepherds ; farmers pull ploughs or carry sacks and baskets.
tend (sheep) as a shepherd.
I watched as Kit sped into the pen and began shepherding the sheep.
guide or direct in a particular direction.
we were shepherded around with great ceremony
Abel was a shepherd and brought a sheep, the best of his flock.
The cleric is not a shepherd - he is a sheep that requires guidance.
He realized that he could continue to shepherd his people by adopting St. Paul's strategy of writing pastoral letters from prison.
She changed her employment from the Phone Guide to waitressing in order to shepherd Tyler to school and daycare.
Most of us shepherd generous people; what we must do is impart biblical teaching that consistently connects stewardship with discipleship.
This poem is really about the role of the Pope who is shepherd of his flock.
He is the shepherd , the pastor, the teacher, of the community entrusted to his care.
Clergy have a responsibility, as the shepherd of their flocks, to reach out to their followers.
He is the one who claims that one day he is going to judge the world, and he is going to separate all mankind as a shepherd separates his sheep from the goats.
Part of the director's job is to shepherd his film through the post-production process and to keep the studio confident in his vision.