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shelving / стеллаж, склон, откос
имя существительное
rack, shelving, stack, stillage
slope, hill, side, flank, descent, shelving
slope, escarpment, bank, scarp, escarp, shelving
имя существительное
shelves collectively.
a lack of shelving and cupboards
place or arrange (items, especially books) on a shelf.
I have a vague memory of the books being shelved under ‘C’ in the library when I were a lass.
decide not to proceed with (a project or plan), either temporarily or permanently.
plans to reopen the school have been shelved
fit with shelves.
one whole long wall was shelved
(of ground) slope downward in a specified manner or direction.
the ground shelved gently down to the water
When open shelving is used, a solid shelf or tote box should be used on the bottom shelf to create a barrier between the floor and the bottom shelf.
The community service is carried out at a local charity where Frank, using the skills he is learning as an apprentice cabinet-maker, restores and renovates their shelving .
Features include timber flooring, a quality kitchen with additional shelving and brick features and beautiful open fireplaces.
It also has an open fireplace and wooden flooring, along with fitted shelving and storage cupboards.
a pile of books due for shelving
The adjoining breakfast area has an exposed brick wall with built-in shelving and storage cupboards.
a lack of shelving and cupboards
Central Library, based on Rome's Pantheon, and the largest municipal library in Britain with its 20 miles of shelving , is also singled out.
This leaves space at the back of the worktop for extra storage, in the form of roll-down aluminium shutters, open shelving , sliding glass panels or recessed knife racks with fold-down chopping boards.
There is an abundance of built-in shelving and cupboard space.