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shelve / откладывать в долгий ящик, класть в долгий ящик, отстранять от дел
откладывать в долгий ящик
shelve, pigeonhole, dally off, table
класть в долгий ящик
отстранять от дел
place or arrange (items, especially books) on a shelf.
I have a vague memory of the books being shelved under ‘C’ in the library when I were a lass.
decide not to proceed with (a project or plan), either temporarily or permanently.
plans to reopen the school have been shelved
fit with shelves.
one whole long wall was shelved
(of ground) slope downward in a specified manner or direction.
the ground shelved gently down to the water
After Deputy Power made his promise, the Government decided to shelve its plans for decentralisation until after the general election.
After selling a script to Miramax, he spent a year developing it before they decided to shelve the project.
I was too busy watching Daisy shelve new books for the librarian.
The chiefs have decided to shelve this plan so a decision on the future of emergency services can be taken as part of the strategic review of hospital services across the trust.
As it is I have to spend a whole five minutes deprograming them (with a little help from the reality of the situation) and quite frankly I could shelve a load of books in that time.
The book will thus prove useful even in libraries that already shelve the original sources in which the essays first appeared.
But councillors decided to shelve the plans after protesters claimed the 50 pence-an-hour charge would deter people from using the parks.
I shelve my own books by colour, and like with jellybeans, the black ones are mighty unappetising.
As if to prove his point, the publishing empire tried to censor, then shelve , the book.
As a result, the council has decided to shelve plans for the e-voting trial in case it caused any disruption.